Apocalypse - Kyle West


By Kyle West

  • Release Date: 2015-03-25
  • Genre: Adventure
Score: 4.5
From 540 Ratings


Alex Keener has lived all of his sixteen years underground in U.S. Bunker 108. When he goes on his first recon into the Wasteland, he will find out exactly why.

Outside, Alex discovers a harsh landscape twisted by the impact of the meteor Ragnarok in 2030. Besides raiders, dust storms, and cold, a new threat is evolving  -- the xenovirus, which twists men and animals into deadly monsters.

When the xenovirus invades Bunker 108, Alex must fight for survival. Joined by a beautiful ex-raider and idealistic scientist, Alex discovers that he and his friends might be the only ones standing between the world and a second apocalypse.


  • Apocalypse

    By BillieBobbJonnes
    I’m not a fan of Sci-Fi; however, this book is awesome! I couldn’t hardly put it down!
  • Wow

    By BigMattRules90
    Great book I loved it 5 stars for sure. Amazing
  • A good read for Post Apocalyptic Fans.

    By Jwaga77
    Personally, I enjoyed reading the work Kyle has written. The story was engaging, the setting dark, and many mysteries the rest of the series hopefully answers.
  • Pretty Good

    By dustinthelovejones
    I enjoyed this book. I love apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic dystopian novels. And this is a good.
  • Apocalypse !!!!!

    By getlt
    I really enjoyed reading this !!!!!
  • Awesome Book.

    By Yourfaceisuglyaf
    I love this book. This is one of those books that stays in your mind days, weeks, months after you’ve read it!
  • Amazing Plot

    By Saman Naseri 1
    This is a great book if you’re looking for a great book. There are not many deep literary elements that I can tell of and it does not have very deep characterization, but its plot is amazing and very different from other sci-if books. I have no regret buying all of the other books in the series. They were just as great when I read them for the second time.
  • Favorite series

    By RagingDubstep
    As I can see it this series was aimed towards a teenage and adult audience. It is by far my favorite series out of any book I’ve read. I’m a apocalyptic reader and enjoy anything that has to do with survival in a world vs man conflict. It captures what you might expect to live in Fallout by Bethesda but with a very different twist as you will discover later in the series. I’ve absolutely loved reading this series, as I’ve done this multiple times. I have only good things to say about these books and Kyle west as a author. I emailed him a while back and he sent me 3 books from in his Xenoworld series. Very generous. Best author and book ever!
  • Good Good Good

    By SpiffyPig
    Read it. Well worth the time. I really found this book entertaining and thought provoking. What would I do? I am not a soldier. I don’t have a lot of guns and ammo. I do have friends, but sadly, they would be as useless as me. Our contribution would be ....... I’m looking for a skull and crossbones. Len

    By AZBPK
    I just finished this great book once I started reading I couldn't stop, oops finish it in one night. Thank god there is still more to this great series.